Write an e-mail to your English teacher discussing about your summer vacation plans

Here we are with Write an e-mail to your English teacher discussing about your summer vacation plans that helps you to convey your plans to your teacher in an effective way.

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Subject- My summer vacation plans

10 May 2015

Dear Mam,

School are going to be shuts down for the summer vacations am I am eagerly waiting for day  when I go home from school realizing that I won’t be required to enter my classroom for two long months.

I have lots of plans for my summer vacation which I want to share with you. There are many things that I might want to do in my vacations. First I will visit all my friends turn by turn and I will play the whole day long with them.

Cricket is my most favorite game. I and my friends have decided to hold one friendly cricket match in our local playground to celebrate the vacations. My parents have planned a fifteen days trip to Himachal Pradesh a beautiful Indian states that has lots of Hill stations like Kullu Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie, Dharamshala and lots more  to visit. We are going by road so it will be more interesting as we can enjoy the beautiful mountains, rives, dense forests on our way.

On my landing back home to I will pay attention to my studies as I have to complete my holiday homework and prepare for my monthly test. I will do some extra study to improve my weak subjects and also take English conversation classes to improve my communication skill. I have lots of plans for this summer vacation that helps me to increase my concentration and learning power. I am also planning to attend the Guitar classes.

Now I cannot wait for my summer vacations and to bring my summer vacation plans in action. Hope you like my plans too and wish me luck for my vacations.

Pujit Singh

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