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Letter to motherland or country

My Dear country
30 July 2018

Hello Dear Motherland

How are you, after so long I thought of you and decided to write a letter today to ask how are you doing and about your progress? I hope you are doing well and progressing by leaps and bounds. I still remember that day when I first met with you, you looked very happy, surrounded by greenery, having rich flora fauna, filled with sweet rivers, you had everything that could see only smiling faces on your side. I should appreciate that the journey of 70 years as Independent India has been very exciting and we have set the example of the longest-running democracy in the world. I know that today you are surrounded by many problems, which are certainly the result of our mistakes. But it is also true that despite all negative and political tensions, you are still standing as a strong nation.

I have appreciated all your wonderful achievements in the past few decades and remembering those moments I feel very proud when you gave me the opportunity to say ‘Indian’ to myself. As the first nation to find water on the moon, successfully launch 104 satellites in the same mission, the only nation to reach Mars in the first attempt you have received praise everywhere. Today, the talented people coming out of your protection are illuminating your name throughout the world. You are developing day by day and helping other small nations to grow. Today people across the world visit you to see your beauty and the resources you have. You are becoming the Yoga guru teaching everyone to stay healthy and eat healthy.

I know the circumstances are not like before, you have been suffer a lot. Many problems like corruption, terrorism, female feticide, unemployment, inflation etc. making you depressed in spite having all the resources you have. You are constantly worried about the incidents of increasing crime. At one time you were known as gold bird, but today you are known for scams, black money collection and increasing crimes which makes me really sad and worried too. I know that you also feel very sad but my dear country, never lose courage. As everyone knows, time is not always the same. Today’s young generation is standing up for your honour. And despite all the problems, I promise that we will remain together, fight with all odds bravely and continue to move forward for a better you and myself.

In the end, I just want to tell that you always keep going on the path of progress and recognize yourself as a world power. At the same time, I want to convince you that I will always be working in your service and will continue to be involved in your progress with my whole and soul.

Your Well Wisher
Pujit Singh

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