Write a Letter to friend about the importance of Time

Here we are with a letter your friend about the importance of Time telling her the value of time and time management. Read about Letter to friend about the importance of Time.

Letter to friend about the importance of Time

2094/2004, Ganesh Pura
Tri Nagar, Delhi-110035


Dear Friend

Your annual exams are coming closer and I know that you are always nervous about examinations. But if you prepare for your exam using the right time, then you will never see failure. Today’s my letter is meant to explain the importance of time. If we look back over the pages of history, then we find that all the great men of the world understand the true value of time and time management that what’s makes them great.

Time is very precious if it go back once than never come back. It keeps going every moment regularly and never waits for anyone. Time destroys those who destroy it. That is why it is extremely important that we move on with time step by step. According to an old adage, “time and tide never waits for anyone.” We should always be aware of the best use of time, success or failure in life depends only on the usefulness of time, therefore, you have to learn to use your time in a right way then only you will succeed in your life.

The value of time cannot be measured, nor replaced by any other object. Time is more than money because the spent money can be earned again, but the time spent cannot be recovered. If we want to do something better in life, then we have to learn to make proper commitment, dedication and timely use. If we lost our time, then think we lost everything.

Hope you have understood the importance of time, and in the future, you will use your time wisely that makes your life pleasant and meaningful.

Take Care, With lots of love

Your friend
Pooja Bhushan

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