Write a letter to a bookseller, placing an order for books

May, 2013.
S. Ganeshan
Hon. Secretary,
National High School Students Co-operative Society

Messrs Lotus and Company Pvt. Ltd.
Publishers and Booksellers,
12, Beacon Street, Kolkata

Please supply the following books published by you and listed in your catalogue, to the Students Co- operative society of this school.

(i) Students World Atlas (2012 edition) – 40 copies
(ii) Standard School Dictionary (latest edition) – 30 copies
(iii) Learner’s Grammar and Composition by Warren and Gupta (Revised) – 60 copies

The books may be sent by Railway parcel and dispatched to Chrompet Railway Station. We trust you will give us the usual discount of 10% offered to School Co- operative Societies. Your bill will be paid by Demand Draft on your Bank in Kolkata.

We would like to have the books dispatched as soon after the receipt of this order as possible.

Yours truly,
S. Ganeshan

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