Write a Diary entry on visit to grandparents home

Here we are with a small Diary entry on visit to grandparents home describing your experience to stay at Grandparents with your friends.

Diary entry on visit to grandparents home

Friday, 7th June

Dear Diary

Today is very special day for me as I went to my grandmother home with my parents which turns into a wonderful experience for me.  My grandparents lived on their farm house near Delhi. It is very quiet and peaceful place and has lots of greenery. I enjoyed there a lot, worked in farm with my grandfather, milk the cow, take bath in tube well and run behind the little chicks.

In the evening my mother and grandmother cooked delicious food for us, I never tasted such a fresh and delicious mangoes served in dinner. My grandparents told me that today everything was cooked and served with the ingredients grown at their farm itself.  I lived there for whole day, have my dinner and come back with lots of sweet memories and gifts given by my grandparents. I promised them that I will try to visit them every Sunday and spend time with them. This visit was the best part of my life and will stay etched in my memory for long.


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  1. hmmm…. very nice diary entry it will help me for my english project. tnku to him/her for writing this.

    • It’s a nice diary entry and it has helped me in my English assignment. Thank you very much


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