Verb forms: Present, Past, Past Participle, Present Participle

Here we are with form of verbs which are an essential part of any sentence formation (English Grammar). Every verb has three forms (Base Form, Past Form, Past Participle Form) followed by its ‘ing’ form. We are providing a complete list of Verb forms alongwith their participles and its usages. 

Present Past Past Participle Present Participle
Arise Arose Arisen Arising
Awake Awoke Awoken Awaking
Abide Abided Abided/Abidden Abiding
Begin Began Begun Beginning
Blow Blew Blown Blowing
Break Broke Broken Breaking
Bring Brought Brought Bringing
Catch Caught Caught Catching
Come Came Come Coming
Choose Chose Chosen Choosing
Drink Drank Drunk Drinking
Drive Drove Driven Driving
Do Did Done Doing
Eat Ate Eaten Eating
Enter Entered Entered Entering
Employ Employed Employed Employing
Find Found Found Finding
Fall Fell Fallen Falling
Freeze Froze Frozen Freezing
Give Gave Given Giving
Grow Grew Grown Growing
Hold Held Held Holding
Hide Hid Hidden Hiding
Keep Kept Kept Keeping
Know Knew Known Knowing
Lie Lay Lain Lying
Lay Laid Laid Laying
Leave Left Left Leaving
Mistake Mistook Mistaken Mistaking
Meet Met Met Meeting
Overdraw Overdrew Overdraw Overdrawing
Offer Offered Offered Offering
Present Present Present Presetting
Pay Paid Paid Paying
Read Read Read Reading
Reply Replies Replied Replying
Run Ran Run Running
Ride Rode Ridden Riding
See Saw Seen Seeing
Shake Shook Shaken Shaking
Swear Swore Sworn Swearing
Take Took Taken Taking
Teach Taught Taught Teaching
Talk Talked Talked Talking
Try Tried Tried Trying
Understand Understood Understood Understanding
Use Used Used Using
Wear Wore Worn Wearing
Weave Wove Woven Weaving
Write Wrote Written Writing
Wrap Wrapped Wrapped Wrapping
Yield Yielded Yielded Yielding

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