The Noun: Parts of Speech

The Noun
A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. There are five kinds of nouns as mentioned below.

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Material Noun
  5. Abstract noun

1. Proper Noun is name given to a particular person, place or thing is called proper noun. For example David is an intelligent boy lives in America here David is the name of particular boy and America is a particular country so these words are proper nouns.

2. Common Noun is a name shared in common by everyone of the same class or group. For example Trees give us fruits, here trees and fruits are common nouns given to concrete things. Common nouns are further divided into three types as mentioned below.

  • Countable common nouns are those common nouns which can be counted for example Tony reads many books, here books are common noun which can be counted so know as Countable common nouns.
  • Uncountable common nouns are that common noun which cannot be counted for example I do not take sugar in my tea, here sugar is a common nouns which cannot be counted so know as Uncountable common nouns.
  • Mass Common nouns when uncountable common nouns combine with measurement units for example two kilograms of sugar, here two is used before sugar which gives the measurement of the thing but you still you cannot count it, these kinds of common nouns are called Mass Common nouns.

3. Collective Noun  is a name given to a number of things regarded as a whole, group or collection. For example A pack of lion attacked on deer, here pack represents the group of lion so it is a collective noun.

4. Material Noun is the word used for the substances which things are made. For example My mother gave me beautiful gold necklace, here gold is a metal with which jewelry pieces are made so gold is the material noun here.

5. Abstract Noun is the word used for an action, state or quality. For example Laughter is the best medicine, here laughter is showing the action so it is an abstract noun.

Difference between Proper Noun and Common Noun
Proper nouns are specific whereas Common nouns are generic. Sometimes Proper noun act as a common noun when it is used to show the class of a person or thing, for example Shakespeare is the Kalidas of England, here Kalidas is a proper noun but it is used as a common noun to show the class of a great poet. In this situation the, is used before the proper noun.

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