Subject and predicate, examples

As we all know that sentence is a group words which makes complete sense when put together. Every sentence has a complete subject and predicate.

Subject tells whom or what the sentence is about. For example- The teacher likes students.

Predicate tells what the subject is or does.For example- The horse ran in the field.

Here we are with some Subject and predicate examples in which Subject is marked in bold letters to give you a clear detail about Subject and Predicate.

Subject and predicate examples


1. Ms. Sangeeta is teaching grammar to the students.
2. Monkeys are playing around in the garden
3. Oxygen is essential for life on earth.
4. Horses are majestic animals.
5. Reading French is easier that speaking it.
6. It was raining heavily when I reached home.
7. The old man sat under a tree.
8. The boy solved the puzzle.
9. India is the largest democracy in the world.
10. My sister lives abroad.
11. The soldiers fought bravely.
12. Pujit can speak English.
13. Alice sang a beautiful song.
14. They gave me a gift.
15. Your younger brother is a doctor.
16. The food smells very good.
17. The tall boy standing in the corner is our captain.
18. All the girls watched T.V. in the evening.
19. The prime minister has given us tax concession.
20. Lions roar in the forest.

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