Poem on School days

School is an important part of our life and we can never forget the role of school played in one’s life. School days are the golden days of life which cannot be forget by anyone t and one can’t get over from its memories. School was the time when we all met another side of our own and which stayed with us for a very long time. We all realize that school were the best day of our life! Here we are with a Poem on School days which refresh your memories for sure.

School Days

Those loving days of our early ages, and the open books with curly pages,
We miss our each n every class,
Whether nursery or twelfth

That small playground of ours, and those different Pepsi flavors,
The game of cricket with pad and paper ball,
And that half coat game of basketball.
We miss each and every football goal, and that unwanted ringing bell
We miss our great teachers,
We miss the fun behind the classroom doors,
Where everyone got a treatment of sand and water in skin pores,
We miss our notice board in the trees,
Those late fines for every reason,
And the shifting of benches for dancing season

We hated the arrival of guests for inspection,
We miss the punishment of standing outside,
And the hide n seek game at toilet’s backside,
The boring choices songs during gathering,

We miss the fight between friends
And also the concept of preparing diff not-so-matching “Jodi “,
Those celebrations of all festivals on ground,
And the PT-period’s compulsory warm up rounds.
We miss the kabaddi matches between seniors and junior,
Where one would always got injure,
The bags on friendship day used to be full of bands,

School days at School were always a sort of fun,
The project given to us during holidays,
And the “not-so-sporty” sports days
School days were really blossom,
Those were the best days of our lives,
These are the memories of lifetime,

There are many more but will tell u next time.

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