Poem on Friendship

Friendship is one of life’s most valuable treasures. All relation in our lives is decided but friendship is the only relation we can choose at our own. Companions that are faithful are always remaining with you no matter what the situation is. They make you laugh when you are sad, stop you from doing anything wrong, help you in need and do whatever best for you. There are many poems written on friendship one of them written by Marian Jones in 2002 is my favorite Poem on Friendship.

Poem on Friendship- A loyal friend

You are a ray of sunshine
In a world that’s sometimes grey.
The magic of your company
Will brighten up the day.
You’ve guided me through bad times
Wiped away my tears,
And brought me so much joy
As we’ve travelled through the years.
It warms my heart to know
You chose me as your friend,
A loyal, loving person,
On whom I can depend.
If I could have one wish,
I’d make it just for you,
I’d ask God for His blessing
In everything you do.

Written by
Marian Jones

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