Short Paragraph on hostel life- Hostel life paragraph

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Paragraph on hostel life

The life of the hostel is very enjoyable. There is a lot of facilities for students to study in the hostel as well as some rules have to be followed. That’s why they learn discipline. The school of my hostel is very big, there are many classes, science labs, two playgrounds, a large library and all the facilities that are necessary for the students are available. All of our teachers, head teachers and hostel wardens are great, whenever we need any advice or do not understand anything they always help us. Very tasty and nutritious food is served in the canteen of my hostel, which reminds us of the food at home. In the hostel we are also get entertained by various means. In the evening, we all gather in the common room and play some indoor games such as Carrom boards, Chess, Ludo etc. and also enjoy the serials and films on television. In the hostel, students learn to share and help one another. This is an ideal place for character creation. There are some errors in the hostel life too. Children here are deprived of the love and protection of their parents and other family members. Many times, strict rules are taken to make students disciplined, which also create fear in their minds. Nevertheless, despite all these minor errors, the hostel’s life is ideal for students.

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