Paragraph on All that glitters is not gold in English

Looking for short paragraph on famous proverb? Here we are with 220 words Paragraph on All that glitters is not gold in English for students describing why we should not get deceived only by external qualities.

Paragraph on All that glitters is not gold

About four hundred years ago Shakespeare wrote the famous proverb all that Glitters is not gold for one of his famous play which is still true today. It is not only a famous saying but it also applies to those people, places or things that pretend to be true, but in reality it is only temptation. This is the truth from the beginning of creation. Adam was thrown out of heaven because he ate the forbidden fruit under the influence of devil’s dazzling words. The splendid golden deer became the main reason for Devi Sita misfortune. There are many examples from our history that prove the statement correct. This world is full of people who pretend to be saints, religious and compassionate but it is not always true, sometimes they can be furious and villains too. Smiling faces can also be dangerous, on the contrary, some dull looking faces can have unlimited knowledge and compassion. One object may look bright and beautiful, but not necessarily valuable. Similarly A person should be tested on the basis of his abilities, not on what he looks like. We can get deceive from those things or people who shines from outside, but they can be as hard a pebbles or stones from inside. So stay from all those glittering things that looks beautiful from outside but dull and fake from inside.

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