200 words Paragraph on A Terrifying Experience- A Dust Storm

Looking for short Paragraph on A Terrifying Experience? Here we are with 200 words Paragraph on A Terrifying Experience when I was caught in dust storm. Read about Paragraph on A Terrifying Experience.

Paragraph on A Terrifying Experience

Dust storms are very common in north India during the summer season and last week I was caught in such a dust storm which is really a very terrifying. I remember. At about noon, I had to go to the market to make some purchases. Suddenly a shopkeeper cried out,”Hold anything tightly the dust storm is coming”. I heard a great thundering sound of the wind rushing at great speed from the west. Soon I saw dust, pieces of paper, small cloth and tin hoardings floating in the air. Everything was covered with dust and nothing was visible for a few minutes. The dust storm was accompanied by a violent whirlwind and that was what raised the objects to great heights. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of the storm. I could feel that my feet were out of the ground. The things in my bag are floating in the air. A tin hoarding fell on a stray cow and injured its back. This really made me scared. The atmosphere became clear after a few minutes. My feet were again on the ground. But I lost my purchases. This is really a terrifying experience for me and I will never forget the power of the dust storm.

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