Paragraph on A day I will never forget

Everyday in a life is memorable but there are some days which you cannot forget throughout your life. Here we are with short Paragraph on A day I will never forget for your reference. Read on to know 150 words paragraph on A day I will never forget

A day I will never forget

Though all days are memorable but the last Sunday of my summer vacation is a day I will never forget. It was very hot in Delhi I want that my parents should me take out at some Hilly station where I can enjoy greenery and the cold breeze to get some refreshment. My wish suddenly become true my father planned a trip to an Adventure camp in Nainital. We left at night so I slept in the car and when I opened my eyes I feel the cold breeze on face, it was beautifully green and had lovely weather there. The place is full with apple, plum and apricot trees which I never saw before. I enjoyed fishing, archery, trekking, shooting and many other activities at camp which I never done before. We lived in tents enjoyed local food and a bonfire at night with light music and delicious snacks. It was really a memorable day which I will never forget.

150 words paragraph A day I will never forget

A day I will never forget is the day when we all assemble in our school playground to celebrate the Annual day like every year. The ground is full with students, teachers and parents. Many cultural and sports activities were going on. I also took part in some of them and performed a Taekwondo show with some friends which are liked by all. Now it’s time to announce the awards based on the overall performances of the students throughout the year. My name was also listed as ‘The best Artist of class’, as my name announced I approached to stage to receive my award suddenly there was a second announcement that I also received the cash award of Rs. 1100 as a best student of school which leave me in a mixed feeling of joy and surprise, my name was suggested by the Principal of our school in last minutes. My mother was also present in the ground I can saw the happiness on her face this was the day I will never forget in my life.

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