300 words Paragraph on the happiest day of my life

Here we are with 300 words paragraph on Paragraph on the happiest day of my life describing about the day which brings lots of happiness for me. Read Paragraph on the happiest day of my life.

Paragraph on the happiest day of my life

Every day of my life was going good and happily but as we all know that life is full of surprises, unexpected turns and sudden twists which sometimes give you an immense pleasure and you feel extremely happy. I also found myself in such a situation when good luck struck me and brought me the happiest day of my life. During my last summer vacation when all my friends are out with their parents to enjoy their holidays I was feeling very lonely and sitting in my balcony watched the cars and other vehicles passing by thinking to go out for summer vacations like my friends.

While I was busy in thinking about my holidays and having fun with my friends, the doorbell rang. I ran to answer it and found my cousin brother was at the door I was surprised to see him. I welcomed him with great joy and enthusiasm as it was great to have him with me during my lonely time but my joy increases many times more when he told me that he came to take me for a trip to Rishikesh with him. My brother had arranged everything for this trip even the river rafting which I want to do from very long. He talked to my parents and they both agreed to allow me to go to the Rishikesh with my cousin brother. I became very excited and jumped from room to room and started packing my clothes, my gadgets, my books, music system and other articles that I would need for this trip.

Since I had not expected any such thing to happen to me, it really became a great surprise for me indeed the happiest day of my life and I don’t think I shall ever forget it as long as I live.

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  1. It should be I BECAME instead of I WAS BECOME in one part of the paragraph.Better try to avoid grammatical mistakes,ok?Be careful later on.
    Otherwise well done.

  2. Hey it was not bad but you still need to gear up in your ideas and the way you present your para. Otherwise well done. Good Luck!

  3. it was not helpful. Content was good enough but It could be better by using more adjectives proverbs etc. So best of luck for next time.

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