Essay on Holi festival

India is a country of many religions, languages and climates, a country with numerous festivals and fairs. There are religious festivals and festivals that go with different seasons and climates. Almost every month of the year there are some festivals in some state or other. The festival I like best is Holi, the festival of […]

How to save water this Holi

Holi is coming and we all know that this is the festival of colors and water, but while playing this colorful festival we should take care of our environment also as the water table is going down day by day so it is very much necessary that wastage of water should be minimize or completely […]

Paragraph on Pyramids of Egypt

The engineers of ancient Egypt who planned and built the pyramids with accuracy had only the lever, the roller the inclined plane. The limestones required for building the pyramids were taken from the Mokkatam hills on the west bank of the Nile River. The granite was brought from Aswan in Upper Egypt. Bronze saws with […]