Lost Girl- Short Story for Holiday homework

My son got a summer vacation Holiday homework to develop a short story of ten sentences, so I make a small story on a lost girl which help him to complete his work. You can also use this story for your Holiday homework. Read this beautiful and small Lost Girl- Short Story for Holiday homework.

Lost Girl- Short Story for Holiday homework

While I was walking along the garden path this morning, I heard someone crying loudly. The voice was coming from behind the mango trees. so I went there and saw a little girl of 5-6 years old was crying badly. I asked her why she was crying, she told me that she lost her way and not able to reach her home. I asked whether she know the address or telephone number of his parents but unluckily she did not. I could not leave her in the garden so I took her to my home. I came to home, give her something to eat and after some rest I asked her whether she remember anything about her home or any landmark. She told me that there is one Lord Shiva temple near her home. I got my clue as there is only one lord Shiva temple in my locality. I took her there fortunately her parents were searching for her also. When we reached there she recognized her parents at once and ran towards them. I was very happy that she met with her parents. Her parents thanked me lot and I got lots of appreciation from all for my good deed.

I Lost girl- Short Story for Holiday homework will also help you to complete your holiday home work too.

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