Letter to editor about water logging problems during monsoon season

Looking for How to Write a Letter to editor highlighting street and roads problems experiencing water logging during the monsoon season? Here we are with a Letter to editor about water logging problems during monsoon season in metro cities like Delhi.

Letter to editor about water logging problems during monsoon season

Tri Nagar

15 November 2017

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject- Highlighting about water logging problems in Delhi during monsoon season


Through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of concern authorities towards the problem of water logging in Delhi during every monsoon season.

It was a bit odd to see parts of many streets and roads in Delhi being waterlogged just after a few hours of intermittent rains a few days ago. This shows a major problem with the drainage system in the city. Delhi gets rains like this only for few weeks in a year during every month. But even then the city could not cope with it. The situation was especially bad on the roads below some flyovers. Many drivers had to abandon their cars after being stranded in pools of water. Waterlogging refers to the saturation of soil with water. When new roads are being built, especially in low-lying areas, it is important that a proper drainage system is put in place so that water is quickly drained in case of rain. As being of a capital of India, it is incongruous to see flooded roads after a spell of rain.

Every year the heavy rains make some parts of the city to suffer from waterlogging. The rainwater infrastructure, if it exists at all, is not sufficient to guarantee the drainage of the water so that streets in low-lying areas get inundated. Roads are blocked leading to traffic jams, pedestrians have to wade through flooded streets and especially the urban poor, living in slums or squatters have their homes often damaged by the water, which may take several days to recede. But waterlogging happens everywhere, whether in rich or in poor neighborhoods. Every year newspaper’s weather report informed about the exact date when the rains are expected to start and whether the monsoon has brought more or less rain than in the years before in spite of that concerned authorities failed to manage the situation.

Our MCD has enough resources to manage the situation, but improper garbage dumping by the public and the failure of the MCD is one of the main reasons for sewers getting choked with garbage which exacerbates water logging. Because of waterlogging people has to face lots of problems like road accidents even causes death sometimes, Traffic Jams, increase mosquitoes and so on. We hope that Public Works Authority will take the water logging problem seriously and adopt new practices and measures to prevent such problems in future.

Yours sincerely
Pooja Bhushan

Source- http://www.waterandmegacities.org

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