A letter to your sister telling her about your life at school

Write A letter to your sister telling her about your life at school

39 Malviya Nagar,
18th January, 2012.

Dear Maysha,

When I came home during the holidays you asked me how school was and what I did there. In this letter I’ll tell you a few things that should interest you about me and my school. We have classes all over the school. For science I go to the laboratory which is full of interesting things- test tubes, burners, jars, bottles etc. we have geography lessons in a room that has maps and models in it. For P.T. we go to the inner playground and our physical instructor teaches us all sorts of exercises. I love P.T. and then come the recess which I like the best. We are allowed to go to the larger playgrounds where we play all sorts of group games.

Two other things about school we spend two hours every week in the library. In one of these we read a book selected by our English teacher and answer his questions. In the second hour we select our own books or journals. But we must keep a record of what we read. I often read story books or boy’s magazines.

School is fun as I hope you will soon discover. Of course I miss you all sometimes.


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