Essay on Importance of Newspaper in our daily life

Here we are with Essay on Importance of Newspaper describing why newspapers are still important for us. Read on to know Essay on Importance of Newspaper in our daily life.

Essay on Importance of Newspaper

Newspaper is a scheduled publication containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features, editorials, and advertising. It is an important means of mass communication which provides information, interpret it, create social awareness, and educate the masses. It becomes the daily need of every house and in many houses morning begins by reading over the news with a cup of tea.

Newspapers are printed and published in each and every language known to man all over the world. They cover every aspects of life- national, international, local, social, political, cultural etc so that you can get a complete picture of day-to-day life. A newspaper in the modern society has great social and educative value. It has all the information for everyone businessman, politician, unemployed people, players and kids etc. It widens knowledge, keeps one abreast of all advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology.

Different people expect different things from the newspaper and newspaper satisfies them all like an intimate friend. It is not only a source to get news but you can find much other interesting information in newspaper like editorial opinions, criticism, obituaries and entertainment features such as crosswords, Sudoku and horoscopes. You can also read about the latest events going to be held in your city or some other place, food and restaurants, movie reviews, classified ads, television listings, inserts from local merchants, editorial cartoons, gag cartoons and comic strips.

The advertisement published in the newspapers also serves a great purpose. Matrimonial advertisements help people to find suitable life partners. Newspapers also help people to buy and sell property. Newspapers also add to the knowledge of the readers by informing them about the new discoveries, inventions and products.

Overall newspapers have become a thing of necessity in modern times, it is like a Social guide which keep you updated as well as entertain you in many ways. Catering to every taste and every need, newspapers present the whole world. Totally they play a vital role in life and part of human beings.

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