Health is Wealth, Moral story

Once upon a time, there was a king, who was very lazy. He did not like to do anything. He waited for his attendants to serve him every moment. He used to lie on his bed always. A time came when he really became inactive and so fatty that he could not move around by himself. He felt sick all the time many doctors were called in to treat him but nothing happened.

One day one of his minister met a holy man who the minister that he could cure the king. Minister becomes very happy and immediately he arranged a meeting of the holy man and the king. Holy man saw the king and told that nothing serious had happened and that the king would be alright. He asked the king to come to his hut which was at a distance from the palace. The king had to come on foot after so many years the king came outside to walk on the road. By the time he reached the holy man hut, he was breathless, sweating and uncomfortable. Sadhu offered him water and gave a   iron ball of a football size to the king attendants asking his majesty that daily morning and evening he had to roll that ball in the palace grounds. King wants to become the healthy again so he starts playing with that ball daily.

After fifteen days when the Sadhu came to the palace to meet the king, he had lost a considerable amount of weight, was feeling much better and was active. All his sickness had disappeared and king was really feeling happy. Inspite a lot of wealth, the king was not happy as he was unhealthy.

Moral- Health is wealth

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