Essay What role could you play to make India a happy & prosperous nation

As a young citizen of India, you have an opportunity to shape our country’s future. What are the biggest challenges facing the country and what would be your priorities and what role could you play to make India a happy and prosperous nation? Here we are with an Essay What role could you play to make India a happy & prosperous nation ?

Essay What role could you play to make India a happy & prosperous nation

India is my country. This is the place where I born, brought up and whose resources I have been using till for my overall development. Being Indian is my identity and whether we accept it or not, the greatest challenge before us is to really accept our identity as an Indian and be proud of it. How can we improvise the nation when we are laughing and ashamed of it? As a young Indian, my greatest test as well as priority is to create a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the nation in the people. Only then can we take support and actively take part in this long journey of development.

Another challenge facing India is the cycle of poverty and population. Much of India’s population today, lives below poverty line. They are not educated so they produce more children as results not have enough resources to feed or to educate them which compel them to live in poverty and so the cycle goes on. In my opinion, education is the only light which can diminish this spreading darkness, eating our country day by day. Free Education to all especially the deserving one to know their rights, to change the conservative society and to become self-supporting citizens will certainly be my priority.

Corruption is the biggest evil making our nation weaker day by day. We are living in a nation where corruption is the root cause of many crimes and scandals. It is not limited to government sector only, it spreads its roots deeper into the society. Women emancipation and terrorism will also be my priorities, but all these issues can be sort out only after lighting the lamp of education inside every home. So, giving free education will be my first priority, as it is not a luxury but a basic necessity and right. A healthy environment is a must for development. What is the use of development if the air in which we breathe is polluted, the water is poisonous, the soil is full of toxic, greenery is found in small patches and almost all animal species comes under the endangered list! It is high time to take all essential steps for the wellbeing of the country, think about eco-friendly methods and try to develop the natural resources as well.

My role in all this development will be of a common citizen of India. All we need to do is to stay united and never be ashamed of our country. It is the time to create a new India, a developed India for all by all.

We hope our essay What role could you play to make India a happy & prosperous nation will help you to achieve your goals.

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