Essay on A scene at the bus stop

A bus stop often presents a scene of excitement, haste and boredom. During the peak hours in the morning and evening there is a great excitement and noise. There is a long queue of passengers waiting for the bus.

Some are reading newspapers: some gossiping. Some are discussing politics. But all wait for the bus impatiently. The moment a bus arrives, the queue is broken. There is great pushing and elbowing. Everyone wants to get into the bus out of turn. Often a quarrel breaks out. There is exchange of hot words. The bus takes a few passengers and moves off. Once again there is a long queue. The people start criticizing the government and the D.T.C management.

There is all calm and quite after the peak hours. The bus stop presents rather a deserted look. Only one or two passengers can be seen waiting for a bus. They, too find it easy to get the bus as soon as it comes. It seems a smooth running affair.

But sometimes a bus is not in sight for a long time. One begins to feel bored standing all alone. The frequency of buses decreases after the peak hours. So a passenger is to wait and wait for exact number he is to get in. but it is the cheapest mode of conveyance in all big cities. So the people have to face all the ordeals at the bus stop before reaching their destination.

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