Essay on a A Railway Journey Or A Journey by Train

Our school closed for summer vacation on May 15, my father decided to take us to Shimla for a change. My uncle lives there. We packed our luggage, hired a taxi and reached the station in time. We hired a coolie. He purchased us the tickets and carried our luggage to the platform. The train was to start at 7 a.m.

There was a great rush in the compartment. Luckily we got a good seat near the window. At exact seven the guard blew the whistle. He waved the green flag and the train started. Soon it gathered speed. I amused myself by looking out of the window. The scenery outside was charming. We were passing over the ponds, tanks and rivers. There were green fields on the way. Farmers were working in them. The cattle were grazing in the fields. All the houses, huts, trees and bushes seemed wheeling back.

At Ambala we took tea. When the train started a ticket checker entered our compartment. Two passengers were travelling without tickets. They were charged and fined. After reaching Kalka we changed for Shimla. The journey from Kalka to Shimla was very pleasant. The train was passing through zigzag ways. It had to pass through many long tunnels. There were green hills all around. The weather was cool and pleasant. After two hours we reached Shimla. Uncle had come to receive us. We hired a taxi and reached home. The memory of this journey is still fresh in my mind.

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