Essay on The picnic I enjoyed most

Routine life is dull and boring. We need change to dispel this dullness. Excursions and outings provide a healthy change. Our examinations were over. We chalked out programme for Okhla. We were five students of our class. All preparations were made well in time. So, we set off early in the morning.

We reached there at 8 a.m. We were very happy in the lap of nature. We spread our carpets under a shady tree and relaxed there for some time. Then, we set out for sight- seeing. We saw many groups of holiday makers. There was a lot of fun and frolic.

Then we began to feel hungry. We sat to take our lunch. We did full justice to our meals. Thereafter, we had a nap. We woke up after an hour. We played some light games. Ram delighted us with his songs. I told some tit- bits. They laughed and laughed heartily. Now it was tea time. We prepare pakoras and tea. So we refreshed ourselves with eatables and hot tea.

Then, we enjoyed boating for some time. We were indeed very happy to ply the boat turn by- turn. It began to grow dark. We packed our things and set out for our homes. It was really a nice and pleasant outing.

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