Essay on United We Stand Divided We Fall- Unity is strength

Here we are with Essay on United We Stand Divided We Fall describing about the strength of unity and importance of being together. Read about the essay on United We Stand Divided We Fall or paragraph on Unity is strength.

Essay on United We Stand Divided We Fall

United We Stand Divided We Fall this famous proverb was first assigned by Greek storyteller, Aesop in his fables “The Four Oxen and the Lion” and “The Bundle of Sticks” to convey a message that staying together is always better than living alone. Since then this proverb is used at many places and stories to teach us the benefit of unity. Team work is always the best way to achieve your targets and get success in your life. If members of a group work for their individual interests rather than working as a team then they are likely to be doomed and defeated.

There is a great strength in unity. A person can easily break a single thread but if many threads are woven in a rope, even a strongest man cannot break it. When many people get together they are like a mass of woven threads. As a result, their enemies can never defeat them. Unity solves most of the problems of the society as each member has the support of the others. The families, nations, the people and countries that are united are greatly respected and honored by others. They are able to accomplish all their missions with ease. Every religion of the world teach us the lesson of unity. Our history is full of examples where strength of unity is proved and a group of united people successfully achieved many difficult targets.

The British were successfully apply their Divide and rule policy and rule our country for such a long time. They took the advantage of division in the religions, caste and creed prevailing Indian society for long and unfortunately still continues. They were successful in dividing the people of India only because we are not united at that time and looking for individual benefits instead of the county. If we do not want to get into same situations again than we have to stay together and work collectively for the betterment of nation.

Unity has always been the strength, this applies to all walks of life no matter professional, or personal we all need good teamwork all times. We should teach our children to stay together especially the habit of sharing. Think how it would feel if we have to celebrate our festivals and occasions in alone, as we are social animal so need support, care and love of others to live our life happily and successfully so stay together and do understand the importance of unity.

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