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Essay on School library

A school library is a structure within the school where collection of books, audio-visual material and other educational contents are kept for the use of students and teachers. A school without a library is like a body without muscles. Students cannot collect all the books of their use so school library is very important source of information for them. Here the students can easily get the needed books for reading, reference and updating knowledge.

My school library is quite big divided into two sections. The smaller section is designed as a reading room. It consists of tables and chairs where nearly fifty to sixty students can sit and read. Two large wall mounted shelves contain daily newspapers, monthly periodicals and magazines. Students have to maintain the pin drop silence in the reading room otherwise get punished.

The other section is little larger and lined with almeries. Each Almiah contains hundreds of books on a specified subject. Besides textbooks there are books on Sciences, Arts, Travels, Dramatic, Literature, Biographies, Fictions Computer Science and Hobby Specials.There are large number of comics and story books too. All the books bear a number and an alphabetical catalogue is maintained for every almirah.

Our librarian is very strict and maintain the record of all books, publication and other materials. One Assistant Librarian look after the proper functioning of the library. They also help the students by suggesting the right book to consult depending on the subject and requirement. We can take the book to home also but must be returned on time otherwise you have to pay the fine. The fine which is collected adds to the library maintenance fund and purchase of new books.

My school library is a treasure of knowledge. A library is a perfect place to study. The library remains open till five in the evening and those who wish to study can stay here after the school hours. I and my friends make the best use of our school library especially during the examinations. I am fortunate to have such a good library in my school.

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