Essay on My Visit to another Planet Imaginary through

Imagining yourself travelling through space/living on another planet, write an imaginary essay on it. Here we are with Essay on My Visit to another Planet Imaginary through describing about my imaginary visit to Mars planet. Read on to know Essay on My Visit to another Planet Imaginary through.

Essay on My Visit to another Planet Imaginary through

Since my childhood I had a dream to travel through space, as I always wanted to live on Mars and heard lot about it in news and from other sources. Mars was named by the Romans for their god of war because of its red, blood like color. In my teen age along with studies of science my keen interest was developed in astronomy and start reading many books on it. I came to know that Mars is also known as the Red Planet and Earthโ€™s closest neighbor yet 35 million miles away. It is the only planet seems to have the most potential out of all the other planets to support human life. A journey to Mars could take around four to six months, but scientists are unsure of how the health of human beings would be affected during this sort of journey.

I used to chat with my friends a lot on my wish to travel to Mars. In my dreams many times I saw myself on Mars exploring the Planet and talking to Martians. Here I am with my trip to mars imaginary through. Space travel is somewhat like an air travel. I checked in with my luggage and boarded the ZX-2020 Space Shuttle which has cozy beds, a dining area and a recreation section too. After blast-off, the ride was smooth and we are going with 50 times the speed of sound. The earth was getting smaller and smaller which was little scary. After the long journey of seven days, we finally landed on the planet Mars. We were taken in a space mobile to the Cosmic Hotel which looked like a big steel box from the outside but it was like a luxury hotel inside having all the facilities and modern amenities.

I wanted to explore each and every inch of the planet so I wear my space suit as the Martian atmosphere is made up mainly of carbon dioxide. It was extremely cold and almost impossible to survive in this cold without a spacesuit. So I had to wear spacesuit all the time. Mars surface is rocky, with canyons, volcanoes, dry lake beds and craters all over it. Mars is known as the Red Planet. It gets its red color from the iron oxide (like rust) in its soil. The highlight of my Mars trip was flying a space mobile though I did not see any sign of life there but had clouds and wind just like Earth. Mars has two small moons, Phobos and Deimos, that may be captured asteroids. Mars was indeed spectacular! Soon it was time to return to Earth. I was happy to have visited Mars.

I am eagerly waiting for my dream to come so that I can live my dream in real.

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