Essay on My School- My School Essay in 550 words

Here we are 550 words Essay on My School describing about my school ambiance, building and staff. Read My School Essay in 550 words.

Essay on My School

We all know and heard many times that ‘Education begins at home’. But it is also true that the seeds of education get planted at school because schools and other educational institutes are the true place of learning. A child can learn and develop healthy habits at school only.

I study in one of the best Senior Secondary Public Schools of Delhi. I went there by school bus as it is little far from my home. My school has very beautiful three storied stone building, a large playground, a library, an auditorium, a well maintained canteen, labs, computer rooms and all other facilities a good school should have.

At the entrance of my school there is a small garden with beautiful fountain and many lovely flowers. Our playground is also fenced with some large trees in such a manner that they offer shade to us without hindering any game. A large reception hall welcomes everyone. There is the Principal’s office, the staff room and other office room all well-furnished and decorated elegantly. The parents and visitors cannot go beyond these offices unless have permission which is good for security point of view. All labs, auditorium and computers rooms are constructed at basement.

The main school building has ten rooms and two toilets on each floor. The rooms are well ventilated and airy. Each room has a blackboard, EduComp system and furniture for students and teachers. The school has twelve classes and each class is divided into two sections. There are more than 1200 students in the school and 60 staff members. Our school also has separate building for toddler’s names as Nanhi Duniya Play School and it is really very beautiful and colorful.

The Principal of my school is a strict disciplinarian and very punctual. She is fine speaker and addresses the daily morning assembly. We all love her because of her loving and caring nature. Our teachers are very helpful and follow an interesting method of the teaching. The office staff and other helpers are also very efficient and hardworking. My school labs are well equipped and computer lab has plenty systems so that students can learn practically also. School canteen serve delicious food cooked under hygienic conditions at very affordable prices. My school has a large library stuffed with all kinds of books for the students. There are books on all the subjects and our librarian is very helpful in suggesting useful books. School auditorium is used for various activities and also for exhibitions. It is very spacious and well furnished. The walls of the Auditorium are painted by the students

The students are always in their neat uniforms and special attention is paid to behavior, cleanliness and punctuality of the students. My school gives privilege to EWS category students and help them by every manner. My school shows good academic results every year. We also won many awards in sports, debate, cultural activities, dancing and singing competitions. Our school arrange a routine medical checkup of all the students and staff. Medical room of my school has all kind of first aid facilities as well as counsellor to deal with all physical and physiological problems.

My school is an ideal educational institute who cares for its students overall growth. I love my school. It has given me so much and I can proud to be a student of this school.

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