Essay on My First Day at School- My First Day at School essays

Looking for My First Day at School essays? Here we are with Essay on My First Day at School describing how I spend my first day in school and make new friends. Read about Essay on My First Day at School.

Essay on My First Day at School

The day when my 8th class result was announced, my father got transferred to Delhi. As I have good academic record and passed my 8th class with very good marks so I was not worried about to get admission in any school. But I enjoyed the company of good friends and teachers in my school which make me sad to think about leaving all of them.

In Delhi, we came to stay with my grandparents. They told us about a reputed school nearby. My father filled the admission form and took me to the Principal. I like the school building and big playgrounds at first sight but meeting with new principal making me little nervous. We had to wait for a few minutes before we were shown into the Principal’s room. We greeted him ‘Good Morning’. He replied and offered us the seats. The Principal asked me numerous questions about my previous school, friends, teachers and academic record after reading my admission home. I answered all the questions and he was looking pleased. He approved my admission form and briefed me about a few rules and regulations of the school. I thanked him and after making necessary formalities I got admitted in my new school.

Next day was my first day to school and I had mixed feelings. I looked around wondering where my class was, who was my class teacher and classmates made me restless. My father told me to meet the Principal first so I do the same. The Principal called my class teacher in his office and introduced me. She was very polite, I greeted her. She took to me class and introduced me with other students. The teacher asked the students to make room for me and said that I should sit there every day. As the studies going on, no one showed interest in me. I felt very alone and stupid. The teacher sensed my uneasiness and asked me to stand up and introduce myself. She in turn introduced the class to me.

After the introductions were over, she began to teach again. I was worried about making new friends. All my doubts cleared when the bell rang. As soon as the teacher left the class the students surrounded me and start questioning. They all were eager to know about me and my previous school. The monitor of the class introduced me to all the other subject teachers and we became good friends too. During the lunch break some of my classmates shared their lunch with me. They also helped me in noting down the syllabus, gave their notebooks so that I could note down the lesson I had missed. They showed me school library, playgrounds, computer labs and other important parts of the school. I was really feeling good and relaxed.
Soon my first day at school was over when the last bell rang.

My Grandfather came to pick me. I told him about my all days activities. I liked my new school very much.

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