Essay on my favourite festival Holi

Many festivals are celebrated in our country with great fanfare like Deepawali, Holi, Id, Christmas etc. Often people from different religions celebrate different festivals. I celebrate all the festivals with my friends and family. Festivals come rousing in life and they also increase the sense of harmony in society.

Yeah, I love all the festivals, but Holi festival is the most beloved of me. Holi festival is often celebrated during spring season in the month of March. This time the weather is pleasant or not too cold nor very hot. Holi festival gives splendour to the sweetness of the songs and make atmosphere colourful. All get soaked in the colours of Holi, eating festive food and singing Holi songs. I too gets absorbed in colours with my friends, brothers and sisters. Well I like all the colours but yellow Gulal is one of my favourite colour. I do not like black, blue, purple colours as it doesn’t look good on anyone’s face, I like only bright colours to play with.

We all friends go to the homes of our neighbours or people we know to play Holi. My mother makes Gujiya and many other dishes such as Dahi Bhalla, pakoras etc. at home, which I like to eat with all my friends. Holi festival is the festival of colours, but some people pour water on each other or throw water balloons, which is not a good thing as it can hurt someone or he may also get sick. On the day of Holi people hug each other, sing songs of Holi, apply Gulal and share happiness, harassing or harming anyone is not the purpose of this festival at all.

The festival of Holi is a celebration of forgiveness, increasing friendship, strengthening relations and promoting unity in society, so this festival is the most loved of me in all the festivals.

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