Essay on Spiders are our friends- Essay on My Favorite Insect Spider

Here we are with Essay on My Favorite Insect Spider describing why I like them so much and also how beneficial can spiders for us. Read about Essay on Spiders are our friends.

Essay on My Favorite Insect

Spiders are the biggest enemies of insects and kill more pests than chemical pesticides and insecticides do. Although some species of spiders such as black widow and brown recluse are very dangerous, but a huge proportion of spiders are not harmful to humans. More than 5,000 species of spiders are found in India alone.

Spiders have strange nature of hunting insects. The spider may look very lazy to catch any bug or insect. But when he comes near his prey, his body takes a jolt and the amount of spit goes out so fast that the prey does not even move and falls trapped under that glue. The spider completely paralyzes its prey with its sharpened tooth poison. After a spider bite, the victim’s brain keeps sending messages to his nerves. But the instructions are not transmitted in the muscles. The insect gets stagnant and the spider gets the satisfaction of eating insects.

In China, spiders have been used for a long time to protect crops from pest attacks. They not only preserve the natural spiders found in the agricultural areas, but also provide food where they are needed. In addition to pest control there are also other beneficial uses of spider. Banana spider, a little brown brown creature that lives in hot climate, eats cockroaches, which helps to keep the house clean. Apart from cockroaches, they also eat some small varieties of lizards that are creeping along with insects and walls.

Scientists are expected to get the varieties of silk from the spider web weaving. Some fibers are even stronger than the best quality steel. During its research, development and engineering in Massachusetts, the US Army is trying to imitate a spider silk to make a bulletproof jacket that is far more lighter and comfortable than the harsh and inconvenient jacket available these days. USA is working on a large scale with a spider silk and believes that this material is ideally suited for use in heart valves, artificial veins and other surgical implants. A group of researchers in the United States is testing spider chemicals in medicines to deal with Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

The small-looking spider holds great promises for the future and I like them.

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