350 words Essay on importance of festivals in our life

Festivals are the important part of our culture as well as life. They teach us about your rich heritage, traditions and moral values. Festivals plays an important role in our life so to know about the importance of festivals in our life, read about Essay on importance of festivals in our life.

Here we are with 350 words Essay on importance of festivals in our life describing about the festival celebrations in India and how our society get benefitted from these festival celebrations. Read about Essay on importance of festivals in our life. Read about Essay on importance of festivals in our life.

Essay on importance of festivals in our life

India is a land of festivals, the rich and vibrant festivals are the celebrations of our diverse tradition and culture. In India we celebrate Festivals throughout the year majorly revolve around Lord’s birthdays, traditions, seasonal changes, relationships, and much more. Every region and religions has its own celebrations and festivals, bringing people together and creating a strong bond of humanity.

All the festivals whether celebrated by Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains or Sikhs are socially and culturally significant. These festivals create a sense of cultural unity or brotherhood. They also inspire a sense of purity in our heart. India is a peculiar land of various people belong to various religions and speaking various languages. But in-spite of these diversities, India is one because festivals teach us the lesson of unity in diversity.

Since from the childhood, kids witnesses lots of festival celebration in the house. This helps them to understand the rituals and make them familiar with our rich culture developing a liking for the festivals and celebrations. Today we can saw many youngsters participating enthusiastically in festival celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas without being biased with caste and creed. During the festival, people exchange gifts with one another and celebrate the events together. In fact, it is one of the best times to meet friends and family members which otherwise is not possible.

Festivals also promote tourism as many tourists come to India to witness the various celebrations and to understand the rich heritage of India. People purchase gifts, vehicles, electronic items and many other valuables during the festive period which definitely good for our economy and also bring sound profit to every business. Festival celebrations bring the feeling of charity, feeding the poor and giving them gifts is common practice during the celebrations.

Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Gurpurab, Baisakhi and many more festivals are the true mirror of our cultural development and bring us together. Festivals remind us the victory of truth, victory of good over evil, ethical, moral as well as social values of life that blend well with entertainment through celebrations.

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