350 words Essay on if I were bird

Here we are with 350 words Essay on if I were bird describing the feeling and things I do if I were bird. Read Essay on if I were bird.

Essay on if I were bird

Birds always attracts me, very colourful and all are different from each other. The light body of birds helps them to fly. Some birds fly at high altitudes in the sky while some other fly for just two or three feet above the ground, some even cannot fly. The sweet tunes of birds attract everyone. I always wanted to be a bird, to see the world with a new perspective from the sky’s heights. Every person had a desire to fly in the sky, airplanes and helicopters are the result of these efforts, but no one can fly like a free bird spreading their wings as human being do not have them.

If I were a bird, I will fly high in the sky, spreading my wings and when I got tired, will sleep on any green tree. My life would be free and independent. Neither was the concern of making a passport nor have to work hard for getting any visa. Just fly where I want all over the word without any tension of passport and visa.

If I were a bird, my companions gathered together on my one voice to share my happiness and sorrows with me, not like humans who only make and distort relationships with their own means. Become a bird, I will attract everyone with my sweet voice. As being a bird I could get involved in nature deeply. Where a little greenery is seen, there is a place to live in.

But I also know that by becoming a bird my life will not be easy. Because the way the human being cutting down the trees, the day is not far when the birds will not get any suitable place to make their nests. It is my prayer to all that please do not let the trees be cut and keep the birds in captivity, let them spread their wings in the open sky and give it a kiss. If possible, keep water vessel and some grain on your roof top especially in summers so that the bird can quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger.

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  1. EXCELLENT essay …….. wonderful thoughts and u have applied them so deeply that I think that u are really a bird…… and nice awareness


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