Essay on how science and technology change our lives in future

Here we are with 400 words Essay on how science and technology change our lives in future describing about the use of science and technology in our lives.

Essay on how science and technology change our lives in future

A famous journalist Ellen Goodman who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1980 said, “Once upon a time we were just plain people. But that was before we began having relationships with mechanical systems. To understand nature and its creations is the root cause of our relationships with science and technology. This association has changed the very face of human civilizations. Once there was a time when scientists were accused as “enemies of humanity”, were prosecuted and hanged, we are living in an era where scientists are accepted, rewarded and honoured for their work and skills. Scientists all over have come together to develop new technologies which would ensure a better future.

Once there was a time when the birth of a child was performed in homes with the help of midwives. Though we left that time behind but there are strong chances to get it back in near future, this time with all the state-of-art equipment and medical facilities present in hospitals. Millions of people would not need to lose their lives because of the infections of the unknown diseases and health hazards as world is getting Stem cell technology, the discovery of curve to cancer, the radiation of diseases like AIDS and Tuberculosis and the possibility of brain implant, retinal implant, gene therapy, increased life spans and robotics surgery.

Developments in Information technology would also have been engineered, for example, artificial brains, ambling intelligence, virtual reality and speech recognition. Future is also going to witness some ingenious transport inventions like the flying car, driverless car, airless tires, space elevators and space planes which not make travelling easier but also give a pollution free environment. Growth of alternative sources of energy would be complete and environmental concern regarding use of biofuels answered Hydrogen economy, solar power, tidal power, tidal power and other renewable sources of energy would have been triumphed and the air would be free of carbon dioxide emissions. We should visualize and look forward to a better future, a future free of wars, terrorism, carbon dioxide, unknown disease and hunger. India has a rich history of technological innovation and scientific ingenuity which must be reap on time.

We should invest in clean-energy technologies, stencil research, new agricultural techniques, alternative sources of energy and eco-friendly innovations to rebuild and protect our home. As the NASA space astronaut Michael P. Anderson said, “It looks like the future is really bright.”

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