Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Looking for Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation? Here we are with 350 words Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation describing about your summer vacation adventures with family and friends. Read about Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Essay on How do I spend my summer vacation

The best time to enjoy summer holidays is the best time. A lot of fun can be done with friends and family because these days come after a lot of hard work and I look forward to waiting for the time when the heat starts. Since the holidays had started, I was planning to spend my summer holidays in a pleasant manner. I prepared a long list of summer activities and handed it over to my parents. I wanted to see some new places and learn activities. Fortunately, my homework vacation homework also encouraged me to do this because I was asked to make a project in new locations during my summer vacation with pictures.

My father planned a three day trip to Jim Corbett National Park, where no real forest and animals could see tigers, elephants, many types of deer and birds. We decided to go to Jim Corbett National Park with our car and our trip was interesting. After a long but exciting journey, we reached our resort Broz Cave, which was really a beautiful place to stay. After 2-3 hours of stay we left the resort for the Jungle Jeep Safari. After a few formalities, our jeep entered the jungle. The jungle was really huge and beautiful. Suddenly our guide pointed towards the herd of elephants near the river, I was very excited to see them. We saw many animals like deer, owls, many reptiles, wolves, wild boars, but seeing a tigress and its cubs at the end of the safari was an unforgettable experience. When we came back to our resort we had a great dinner and we went to sleep due to being tired. After breakfast after breakfast we left our resort to come back home.

It was a wonderful journey that I could never forget in my life. During my vacation, I also performed many other activities like I learned swimming, with my friends and cousins, visited local tourism destinations and fulfilled my holiday homework with great enthusiasm and planning. This was my best summer vacation so far. I would like to go on holiday like this again and again.

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