380 words Essay on How I Save a Drowning Child

Looking for Essay on How I Save a Drowning Child? Here we are with 380 words Essay on How I Save a Drowning Child.

Essay on How I Save a Drowning Child

Last Sunday, I went to the park near the canal for morning walk. I started exercising along the canal and being careless about what was happening around me. Suddenly I heard a woman crying. I was startled and looked towards the canal. I saw a middle-aged woman crying along the canal. As I move further I saw a small child was drowning in the canal.

Without a hesitation, I jumped into the canal. The water was quite deep and cold. Fortunately, the child was stuck between the stones lying in the canal. I reached near child and caught him in my arms. I raised him hard on my shoulders because he became very heavy due to water in his stomach. The baby’s mother was waiting for us on the shore. She told that she had come here with her baby for a bath in the morning. The child was little naughty, started running around, his foot slipped over the mud and he fell straight into the canal. Mother was crying, “Help! Help! For the sake of God, save my child! “As soon as I headed towards the edge of the canal, she pleaded for help from me and I immediately jumped into the canal.

As soon as I came out of the canal after saving the child, she got disturbed by seeing his son unconscious and started crying loudly. I told him, “Do not cry, pray to God.” I put the child on the edge and started pressing her stomach. All the water in his stomach got comes out through his mouth. The woman first got scared but I assured her that it will be all right. Do not worry. I stopped a lorry coming out on the road and took the child to the nearest hospital. The doctor was a very old person who told us that we had brought the child to the hospital in time. The delay of a few minutes could endanger the life of the child.

I went to the hospital daily until the child was completely cured. The child’s mother blessed me a lot, she wanted to reward me, but I said, “I have only done my duty.”The satisfaction that I have received to save a precious life is bigger than any award.

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