Essay on Female Child- A boon or a bane

Here we are with Essay on Female Child- A boon or a bane describing about the importance and need of female child and behaviour of the society towards girl child. Read on to know essay on Essay on Female Child- A boon or a bane.

Essay on Female Child- A boon or a bane

Human beings have always worshiped the supernatural powers as Gods and Goddesses. Even in our culture, a lot of power is attached to the Goddesses. People travel on the long tough terrains to reach the holy shrine of Goddess Durga, they fast and celebrate Navratras to appease her.

Ironically, in the same society, the female child is looked upon as doomed. If we go through the history our civilization, we find that during the Vedic era, women were the most respected and well educated part of the society. But thereafter, the status of Indian women has only suffered a downfall. As women were confined to their homes, they were subjected to physical and mental abuse. The birth of a female child was a mourning issue in the family. They were considered to be a burden as t their marriage meant arranging a handsome dowry for the bridegroom. With due course, girl child began to be killed as birth. If somehow female child did survive, she was raised as a mere house-help, trained to be an ideal housewife.

With the advancement of science and technology thee situation for the female child has only worsened. People use techniques like sonography and ultrasound for prenatal sex determination. Upon confirmation of a female fetus, they shamelessly get the pregnancy terminated. The direct impact of such practices can be clearly seen in the falling female to male ratio in the society. Parents of the eligible grooms are facing difficulty in finding a suitable bride and in some areas the practice of polygamy is already in vogue.

While people should understand the delicate balance of nature which can be maintained by a healthy sex ratio, they should also realize the role and importance of the female child. Instead of looking upon her as a liability parents need to take examples of the many female stalwarts of our society. Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sania Mirza, Mother Teresa and the like have earned fame and respect due to their exemplary work in the fields of politics, social work, entertainment and sports.

A society can progress only when all the individuals are given equal respect and are not denied their right to live and right to care and nurturing. It is important to spread awareness amongst the masses through literacy programmes, media, NGOs and voluntary workers. The parents should be encouraged to educate their daughters and girl education should be made free. They should also be encouraged through scholarships and easy admission to vocational courses. We should not forget that to lay a strong foundation for a family, the female figure or the mother has to be well educated, well-nourished and well respected.

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