Essay on Farewell Party at School- Last day at School Essay

Here we are with 550 essay on Farewell Party at School describing the emotions of students who are going to attend last day of their school. Read Essay on My Last day at School.

Essay on Farewell Party at School

Every school has a farewell tradition in which junior students and teachers give a farewell party to the senior most and outgoing students to show their love and blessings for their bright future. Farewell is the last day of school and at school it is just like the first day in school, tears in eyes, nervousness, and sadness of departure, mixed feelings but from a different perspective.

I have been studying this school for the last 10 years. During this period I learned to respect and love every aspect of my school. But everything ends so that a new one can begin. Similarly, the day has come when our farewell party was organized by the students of class eleventh of our school. This day was the last of our school life. The time had come to leave all those with whom we had spent so many years of life. It was indeed a sad day for all of us but still this last day of school becomes a memorable occasion for the students who are going to give their final board exam.

Our Board Examinations were scheduled to be held in the month of March. The Principal has announced two weeks preparatory holidays in February. He also announced the farewell party to be held on 27th of the month. The function was to be organized by the XI class students under the supervision of their class teacher. Each one of us was given a handmade invitation card for the party by our juniors. On their invitation we all reached the school on times. Boys were wearing three piece suits and girls wear sarees, all were looking different. Our juniors had organized a grand send off. They had beautifully decorated the auditorium handmade decorations and flowers. On the stage there were our honorable Principal, Vice-Principal and other members of the staff.

The function was started with the Principal speech followed by others. Class XI students presented many cultural programs like songs, dances, ghazals, mimicry and short hilarious skits. Our class teacher got very emotional during her speech and so us. We asked our teachers and principal for their forgiveness for all our nonsense during our stay in the school and sought their blessings for a successive career in future.

When the cultural programme was over the monitor of our class thanked the Principal, teachers and juniors. Our teachers give their best wishes and some helpful suggestions for our future life. Lastly, the Principal advised us some points to follow in the forthcoming examinations. He stressed that none should adopt unfair means. The success of a student is assured when he prepares well for the examinations, understands the lesson and then writes well.

At the end all students were served refreshments. Each student in our class was gifted a pen on behalf of juniors with our name written on it so that we could remember our school day. It was truly a memorable day in my life. This was not a time when we were separating from school, but also with our friends. We all bid farewell to our teachers and friends personally. We also took their autographs along with their valuable final advice to remember them. Everyone tried to look cheerful in the pictures but the sadness could be felt in the air.

School times are the best times but this was my last day at the school. This was the time when I learnt that nothing lingers for long and that life demands a person to move on.

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