Essay on Annual Day Function- Prize Distribution Function in School Essay

Essay on Prize Distribution Function in School

Every year annual day function (prize day distribution function) get organized in my school in the month of December. This ceremony is one of the most important celebrations in school. On this day the meritorious students who performed excellent in education, sports and cultural activities in the last one year are given prizes and qualifying certificates by the chief guest.

Preparation of annual day function begins at least a month ago. The school building is painted with white color. Students clean their own class and decorate them with beautiful posters and slogans. School auditorium is completely decorated with flowers and balloons. All cultural programs are well planned for the function and prepared under the guidance of class teachers and deputy principals. Invitations letters are sent to the parents of all students. The head of the board of directors of the school is invited as the chief guest and chaired the ceremony. Two photographers are also invited to take pictures of all the incidents.

On the morning of December 15 this year, my school celebrated its 25th Annual Day. The students reached school in a beautiful dresses with their parents. At 10 a.m. chief guest reached, welcomed by the principal and other members of the staff at the school gate by giving a bouquet of flowers. After accepting the place on the stage of all the valid guests, the program started with a welcome song. Then dance, skit, mimicry, dance and qawwali presented.

Students from each class made an interesting presentation, which everyone liked. My class present Bhangra a dance form from Punjab like by all. After the cultural events, there was a fancy dress show. Students dressed in various costumes come to the stage. It was difficult to figure out who is better than whom. The last event was a short drama that showed the need for education.

After this the award distribution began. The Principal read the annual progress report of the school. Then he announced the names of the prize winners one by one and the main guest distributed prizes to the students. I was given the prize of being in first class in my previous classes. Special awards were given to students with cent percent attendance. Best Teacher who contributed the most during school during the previous academic year and was awarded. The best student of the year get award too. The winners received spectacular accolades from all.

In the end, the Chief Guest congratulated the award winners and school officials in his speech. Principal also thanked the Chief Guest, the school staff and all the students for making the Annual Day celebrations a success. The ceremony ended with the national anthem. On the next day all the students had been declared a holiday which was good on gold.

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