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Essay on Age of Advertisement

The art of advertising has made tremendous progress in recent decades. Advertising is used to make public aware and attract their attention towards news goods or services. Advertising should be made on the basis of providing detailed information in a simple but delectable way.

There was a time when the seller used visit street to street to promote their products but now time has been changed. The first advertisement was published in newspapers to inform the readers about the availability of any product. Then came the radio and cinema and after that several other media mediums. Diversity in the media has also varied in the types of advertisements. Effective forms of advertising like hoardings, handbills, billboards, slides and audio-video emerge as the powerful tools for advertisement. Now ads are created based on advertiser budget.

The tough competition in the market has made advertisements compulsory. No new product or service can possibly succeed unless it is promoted properly. The message should be simple, strong and attractive so that people can learn about new options and opportunities in detail. Advertising is not only necessary for new products or services but it is also necessary for existing products to maintain their position in the market. Every product no matter what it is or how expensive it was need marketing to promote itself.

Almost every major organization has its own advertising department. Many organizations also use the services of advertising agencies. In fact, advertising has become an essential part of every business. This is strange but true that the advertisements are popular in every age group. Will it not be unfair to accept that advertising has the potential to influence our thinking and judgment? Apart from this, viewers enjoy watching and listening to ads rather than cultural and entertainment programs. Although the style of advertising has changed, it still draws our attention.
With the new concepts and ideas, the development of science and technology has brought a revolution in the field of advertising.

Age of ads does not end with computer graphics, animations and jingling songs. It is not easy to guess what the new format of ads can be in the coming years. The method may vary, the presentation may be affected based on the demands. But it is also true that today advertising is an integral part of our lives and is an excellent source of information about new products.

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