350 word Essay on A visit to the dentist

Here we are with 350 words Essay on A visit to the dentist describing about the whole experience of visiting a Dentist clinic which I afraid most. Read on to know Essay on A visit to the dentist.

Essay on A visit to the dentist

Visit to a dentist is never on my list but last night I had so bad toothache that I had to take a painkiller to lessen the pain. Worst of all I did not get a wink of sleep the whole night through. Very next morning I told my mother about my toothache. It was obvious I could not go to school. So instead she took me to the dentist. I was horrified, but I had no choice.

I was the first patient at dentist clinic. The nurse came and opened the door after noting down my particulars she told me to wait a moment. The dentist had not arrived yet and my tooth still aching badly. Finally the dentist arrived after the 10-15 minutes of waiting and I was set myself to the dentist’s chair. Normally I would like to run away from this horrible chair, drills and pliers, but this time I really want to get rid from this pain. So I sat down on the reclining chair while the dentist kept saying some reassuring words to keep me relaxed. He asked me to open my mouth and after careful examination he said that the tooth had to come out. I was not in shape to say No so I just nodded dumbly in reply.

He gave me an injection, I feel little pain but that was nothing compared to the toothache. Soon, miraculously, all pain disappeared. Then before I knew it, the dentist told me that I could go. I looked at him surprisingly and he told me he had already pulled the tooth out. The dentist put a wad of cotton over the wound and told me to keep my mouth shut for a while. My other asked about the other precaution and care taken after the tooth removal, dentists smiled and said I can have lots of ice-creams.

I nodded, smiled and happily left the clinic with my mother. I realized the visit to the dentist was not too bad at all as I previously thought.

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