Essay on Grow more trees- Essay on importance of Trees

Essay on Grow more trees

Trees are very important for our life. We simply cannot do without them. Trees are the source of oxygen, required to keep us alive.  We depend on trees for timber, paper, train compartments, boats and vessels, boxes, tools and implements, and many other things required in our life. Without paper, civilized life would be impossible. People in village cook their meals with firewood, which they get from trees. They also use wood for constructing huts, bullock-carts, plough and different kinds of tools and agricultural implements. Trees have medicinal value also and used to make many medicines.

Trees add charm and beauty to a place. Rabindranath Tagore set up his Shanti- Niketan in the midst of grove of trees. Shalimar and Pinjore owe the trees for their beauty.   Today, environmental pollution has become an alarming problem. Trees help a lot in environmental improvement. They cause rainfall. They protect our social and water resources under the ground. They prevent floods and droughts. Above all, they purify the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.

It is need of the hour to launch a nationwide programme for growing more and more trees. Community forests should be created for groups of village on village common land. Efforts should be made to make uncultivated wasteland green.

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