Short Paragraph on Walking is a good exercise

Walking a good exercise Most hobbies cost money and most require equipment of one kind and another. A stamp collector needs an album or two, a rose grower needs seeds and garden tools, but not so a walker his only need is the desire to walk. Stamp albums get filled and garden tools become old […]

Paragraph on A stitch in time saves nine

A stitch in time saves nine A small tear becomes a big hole in the same way as a small illness grows into a big disease or a small quarrel among children leads to a major feud between families. For diseases, prevention is better than cure; so too for tears or holes in one’s clothes. […]

Paragraph on smoking is injurious to health

Smoking is injurious to health A bad habit is often harmful but not every bad habit is as harmful as smoking. Besides being expensive, smoking does injury to one’s health. A smoker gets nothing but smoke for his money. Smoking results in causing ulcer, stroke, mouth and throat cancer, larynx cancer, various heart diseases, pulmonary […]

Letter to the editor for complaining about the bad roads and drains in your locality.

Mahila School, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, September 16, 2013. The Editor,                                                                            Hindustan Times,   Connaught Place, New Delhi. Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed paper I should like to bring to the attention of the authorities something extremely worrying. Most of the roads in East Patel Nagar remain dirty and full of garbage  The […]

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