Essay on Early Bird Catches the Worm

There are numerous phrases and precepts that express a gospel truth in a succinct way. One among them is- ‘Early Bird Catches the Worm’ or ‘Early riser has an advantage’. Basically, this proverb shows the significance of being timely and

Short Essay on Honour Killing

Honor killing or murdering can be characterized as the homicide of the individual from a family or social gathering by different individuals because of the conviction of the culprits that the victimized person has brought shame upon the family or

Essay on Better Late Than Never

“Better late than never” is an old proverb with a profound concealed significance. On numerous occasions every one of us are advised to finish the errands allotted to us on time and being apathetic the majority of us neglect to

Essay on A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

“A penny spared is a penny earned” underlines the significance of sparing. Sparing is exceptionally fundamental in our life. One ought to spend not as much as his gaining and spare some part for future utilization. You ought to make

Essay on Child Labour a curse for Human society

Child labour is very common problem in India, to indulge small child below 14 years in any kind of work or job that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school and to exploit them mentally, physically, socially or morally comes under the child labour act.  If you look in […]

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